I started writing an annual Christmas carol back in 1998, when I read about the composer Alfred S. Burt, whose lovely “Star Carol” was one of his annual Christmas compositions (in lieu of a card). My first carol was called “In Cold December,” composed for an a capella women’s trio. Three years later, I wrote a simple carol for a children’s choir about a stable, a manger, a star in the sky. My own children still love the song and sing it to me. Please enjoy and share my carols, and if you perform one, please let me know! And you can hear the carols as well as my piano and harpsichord performances on my YouTube channel

2015 Starlight
Sing of the Season 2014
2013 The Thread of Life
2012 Find a Room to Welcome Him
2011 Nativity
2010 Light of the World
2009 Finale 2008 – [Baby Jesus
2008 Gloria Deo
2007 Come Sing We Now Christmas 
2006 What Can I Give Him
2003 Mypeace
2002 On Christmas Day Carol 
Christmas Night 2001

Other compositions

Happy Pi Day! A Serial Tone Poem
Fugue in A Major (3 part)

Sheet Music

Sing of the Season 2014

Christmas Carol 2013 Rosetti

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