The Price of Silence: A Mom’s Perspective on Mental Illness
By Liza Long, Hudson Street Press, release date August 2014

Washington Post review “Raw emotion propels ‘The Price of Silence.'” Review “Hopefully her message and suggestions can help other mothers avoid the sad fate of Nancy Lanza and those impacted by acts of violence by sick young men.”
Rivard Report review “Reading the book feels like the kind of conversation where you get lots of information without blame or shame.”

Little White Dress: Women Explore the Myth and Meaning of Wedding Dresses
Edited by Liza Long 2012 Bronze Ippy Award Winner.

Business Professionalism: A blueprint to help you analyze, equip, plan, and succeed in the workplace.
By Bruce Strom and Liza Long.

Daily Erotica: 366 Poems of Passion
By Elaine Ambrose, Gretchen Anderson, Rachel Hatch, and Liza Long

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